By Mehmet Aslan, Glitter, Stratis Vogiazis, Malo Lacroix

Bird Signals for Earthly Survival” is an audio-visual, music performance which translates the migrating journey of birds into a contemporary comment regarding the complex environmental and refugee challenges of the current age: otherwise know as the Anthropocene. Our project originates from an old myth which suggests that migrating birds are conveying a lost language derived from an ancient human tribe. This language is translated into a form of signs in order to communicate transformations of Gaia to other animals. In the Anthropocene era, most of the Gaia ecosystems are said to be deteriorating rapidly, so we follow the journey of migrating birds in an attempt to decode the signals they are transmitting and ultimately learn the art of living on a damaged planet. Using a variety of media disciplines such as videos, photographs, soundscapes, electronic sounds and performative voices we will present a live performance that connects ecology, science and art in order to expand our awareness of the environmental challenges of today.

Produced by Arty Farty/ We Are Europe & Planisphere
Supported by Pro Helvetia, Creative Europe


Monthly residency, mostly recorded live in Berlin at OONA Bar.

“Refuge was started as a fundraising platform working in solidarity with grassroots and non-profit organisations. In January 2021 we launched Refuge Worldwide, a new radio station to amplify the music and issues that we care about, broadcasting 24/7 from Weserstraße 166, (12045 Berlin Neukölln).

From our home in Berlin Neukölln we now host weekly workshops, training programmes and classes in media, creative fields and mental health. These are free to attend as part of our community outreach. Refuge Worldwide is also involved in a number of collaborative projects around the globe with likeminded collectives, radio stations and activists.”

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Released: 11.11.2022
Debut LP –

Driven by questions related to the fluidity of his own identity, as well as the unusual stretch of time the past years have provided to investigate oneself, ‘The Sun Is Parallel’ is informed by musical movements from Sun Ra to hauntology. The record’s cosmic, intuitive mood is evident immediately from opening salvo ‘Fountain’, leading into ‘Domo’, a tapestry of knotty drums against a backdrop of guitar licks reminiscent of a Morricone score.

The fervent acid funk of ‘Rowndbass Acid’ releases the endorphins associated with Aslan’s many hours stood in the DJ booth, but ‘If I Can Belong Anywhere’ pulls the rug back into more searching territory, a beautiful but melancholy drone displaced with thundering drums. “What you’ve got to remember”, intones the voice of James Baldwin, “is that everyone you’re looking at is also you.”

Aslan underscores his belief in human, creative connection with two collaborative pieces central to the vision of ‘The Sun Is Parallel’. Alongside the Spanish-born singer Niño de Elche, ‘Tangerine’ delves into flamenco inspiration for a searing mini-epic that unfurls like the peel of its namesake, before bottling the groove and virtuoso guitar for a near- instrumental accompaniment, ‘Tangerine Sun’, the most subtle of acid lines nudging back toward the dancefloor.

‘Garden’ features the contribution of Valentina Magaletti, one of the finest drummers playing in the world today. Known for her work alongside Nicolas Jaar, Thurston Moore and as part of the band Vanishing Twin, Magaletti’s sensitive, hyper-detailed percussion blends with Aslan’s elegaic synthesized atmosphere to paint a sonic picture of a mysterious oasis.

At the LP’s conclusion, Aslan loops both musically and thematically back to the philosophical crux of ‘The Sun Is Parallel’, ending with the humane glitch of ‘Everyone Is Also You’. It’s a hopeful note, recalling another of the thoughtful vocal samples buried within Aslan’s evocative and hopeful instrumental passages.

“In a way, the world is a huge musical composition, going on all the time, without a beginning, and presumably, without an ending”, considers Canadian composer & environmentalist R. Murray Schaefer on ‘Private Soundscape’. “We can improve it or we can destroy it… That’s all up to us.”

Teaser - Garden feat. Valentina Magaletti

Video by Dimitri Erhard

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Teaser - Tangerine ft. Ni​ñ​o de Elche

Video by Dimitri Erhard

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Music for Books


Switzerland’s Mehmet Aslan presents his ongoing radio show, Music For Books. Established as a talented producer and DJ, Aslan has forged a reputation for coming to music and culture from fresh and under-travelled paths, whether it’s crate-digging for rare Swiss new wave or sampling forgotten Turkish pop.
Music For Books is a show that combines the pleasure of reading with the curation of personal soundtracks. The show is an evolving examination of our passion for art across different mediums. Aslan will encourage his guests and audience to think about literature in different ways, exploring the relationship between sound & imagination.
This month, he soundtracks “Orrizonte in Italia” by Antonio Rovaldi.

First books provided by “I Never Read” Art Book Fair, Basel.

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The New Pope by Paolo Sorrentino


ALYSHA by MEHMET ASLAN is part of the official soundtrack of Paolo Sorrentino’s new TV Series “The New Pope” starring Jude Law & John Malkovich co starring Silvio Orlando, Javier Camera, Cecile de France, Ludivine Sagnier, Sharon Stone.
Produced & distributed by HBO, CANAL+, SKY